Thursday, October 20, 2011

Fireman's Day

Waiting for the parade to start at the station

Christopher decided that he did NOT need his mommy to ride with him this year :(

So Robert rode the back of the truck Christopher was on, instead of driving a truck this year

Hailey was making all kinds of crazy faces at the sirens and people throwing candy(she loved that part!)

Sewing right along :)

Fireman's Day was a couple weeks ago and I asked Robert to get Hailey a shirt, because I thought she was going to ride the fire truck this year. Of course he brings home a child's small, and it is to her feet! Sooo, I headed to my mom's while she was at work and set to work transforming this huge t-shirt into a dress, and it actually worked! I was very pleased with myself :)


And after...

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

I made this

amazing cast iron skillet apple pie this afternoon! It is insanely good! I don't seem to ever be able to post links correctly, but it is from Southern Living and worth looking up! I also have 2 more apple recipes from the current issue I am looking forward to making, hopefully sooner rather than later :)

Monday, August 29, 2011

Dinner tonight

Was Cobb Pasta Toss

This was a RR recipe, definately not the best but not the worst one either. Of course I am not a big fan of blue cheese or avacodo,so if you like those then you may enjoy this more than I did.

And for dessert, Nestle Tollhouse Chocolate chip pie!! This is crazy good and I will be making it on a regular basis I am sure! So no pic of the pie...

Starting school

I can't believe, or maybe I just don't want to believe that my sweet baby boy is old enough to be going to kindergarten! He actually started Thurs, but now doesn't go back until Weds(31st). I think this is kinda stupid, but I don't have a choice in the matter so oh well.

A week of cakes

So, the cake business seems to finally be picking up a little, however, they seem to be in clusters. I had 4 cakes over the last 5 days! Everyone has been really happy with them and I am hoping they will help spread my name and get some orders from people I don't actually know.

They were having a pot luck dinner for someone's birthday at work last week, so Robert offered to bring the cake of course so this is what I chose for that one. He said it was a huge hit and lots of people asked for business cards, so HOPEFULLY this will bring in some orders!

This one was a 5 yro Birthday. She was very sweet and very excited about it when I delivered it :)

This one was for a friend's mom who was turning 50.

This one was for a guy who works at the Chevy dealership and is leaving to take over a Toyota dealership.

Last weeks good mail

I just love getting good mail! :)

Sunday, August 21, 2011

My Dad is awesome!

So I have been mowning and growning again about needing to loose weight and really tiring to get Robert to commit to making an effort too. My Dad and his wife have been dieting most of the summer and he has lost 25 lbs already! So to motivate us, he offered me $100 for every 10lbs I lose and $100 for every 20lbs Robert looses towards a cruise!! Needless to say, I am hoping this is the motivation we both need! I have lost 5 lbs in the past month, but 4 lbs I lost before he made the offer so they don't count towards my first 10 lbs, but still a lost is a lose!

Last pick of the season

The local farm me and the kids have been going to this summer closed last Sat :( It was horribly hot out already at 9am when we went to pick blueberries and peaches one last time and the kids quickly lost interest in picking. It also didn't help that we had to look for bushes that still had berries on them this late in the season.

They really enjoyed the peach picking, however, I ended up w/ a whole pile of peaches that weren't quite ripe yet and as they ripend, had lots of bruises from being handled and dropped by the kids. Oh, well, you live and you learn. I used most of them to make a homemade peach pie. The crust came out excellent! The pie, was just ok, I would much rather have apple pie :)

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Life with a 2.5 yr old...

I don't remember what we did this day, but she feel asleep in the car on the way home and didn't wake up even when I stripped her down once we were inside, oh to be able to sleep like that!

A couple weeks ago I took Hailey to TGIFriday's for lunch to see Aunt Kat Kat, I ordered her lunch and did she eat it? NO, she happily ate my cup of soup instead, stubborn little child.

Grandma was coming to babysit one night last week so she had to get dressed up before Grandma came!

This night she told us "I LOVE CORN!" as soon as we got to the table, again she was all dressed up :)

She broke out w/ this lovely rash all over her body a couple days ago...

So the next morning off to the peds office we went, she told me on the way she was going to the Dr and going to be a good patient

She was a very good patient until they took her temp rectally :( Poor baby! I didn't know they did that to toddlers as I never take my kids to the doctor for sick visits! And the rash ended up being unexplainable hives, this is why I don't take my kids to the doctor for sick visits cause I get answers like this. They said it was a reaction to something, but no idea what! Thankfully by the next day there was no sign of it.

And this, is when she screamed herself to sleep in the floor rather than clean up the mess I asked her to clean.

Awesome mail week!

This week all of a sudden I have gotten all kinds of great mail!

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Feeling crafty this week

A couple weeks ago I saw a bead and ribbon necklace on another blog, Wayward girls crafts, that was pretty cute so I decided to make one for my sister this week for her birthday. Of course this project was harder than I thought it would be, but then most things are! The ribbon I bought to make the necklace of course was WAY to thick to fit through the beads so I had to use other ribbon I had leftover from making hairbows. Here is Hailey modeling it :)

I also found this plate and cup on the clearance isle at Wal-mart last week and thought they would make a great cake stand, and they did :) The cake isn't actually finshed in this picture because I had to put it on a board to move and deliver it, but you can still get the general idea. It was super easy, just put a ring on hot glue around the bottom of the cup and put the plate on top, hold for a minute to make sure the glue sets and you are done! The whole thing cost less than $3 and took less than 5 mins to make. I will definitely be on the look out for clearance dishes in the future. I am thinking a nice rich color charger plate and a colored glass goblet would be great for the holidays!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

In the past 5 days

I have made 4 cakes!

This one was a smash cake for a friend's daughter's first birthday. I also made a huge s'mores cake for the party too, but didn't take any pics for some reason...

This one was a surprise that his stepmom brought to work :)

This one is very special, because it is to surprise my best and oldest friend for her birthday tomorrow! Willy Wonka is her absolute favorite movie, she used to make me watch it every weekend growing up so I am sure she is going to love it!

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Want a free bag of salad?

Check out VocalPoint's lastest promotion!

Saturday, July 9, 2011


Have you checked out's new deal site, MYHABIT yet? I got this shirt for Hailey for free, right now if you use the promo code SUMMER25 you get free shipping and $25 off!

Friday, July 8, 2011

In my head I want to enjoy sewing...

However, the reality is that it always seems to take WAY longer than I think it will going into it. Of course it doesn't help that I don't have my own machine and I am not completely sure of what I am doing so I have to go to my mom's and use her machine and get her help/supervise me. This wouldn't be such a bad thing except that also means taking my kids along and they DO NOT like to share Grandma's attention! Any who, here is today's project. I did better this time then last, even though I completely messed up the panties and had to cut them apart and restart. This dress is for a friends daughter who's first birthday party is next week. And the best part, the bolt said the material was $4.99/yd and Hailey really liked the material so I said I would get enough to make her something too, so 2 yds expecting to pay almost $11...but it rang up $1/yd!! So I got enough material to make 2 dresses for $2.14, can't beat that!! :)

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Lets make a cake!

That's alot of stuff right?!?! I made my first wedding cake this weekend, this is most of the ingridents.

About half way done...

FINISHED and delivered!!

I have to admit, I am not sure that I will advertise doing wedding cakes. I feel like I didn't sleep all week worrying about all the things that could go wrong, but thankfully no major problems came up and it looks great :)