Monday, August 29, 2011

A week of cakes

So, the cake business seems to finally be picking up a little, however, they seem to be in clusters. I had 4 cakes over the last 5 days! Everyone has been really happy with them and I am hoping they will help spread my name and get some orders from people I don't actually know.

They were having a pot luck dinner for someone's birthday at work last week, so Robert offered to bring the cake of course so this is what I chose for that one. He said it was a huge hit and lots of people asked for business cards, so HOPEFULLY this will bring in some orders!

This one was a 5 yro Birthday. She was very sweet and very excited about it when I delivered it :)

This one was for a friend's mom who was turning 50.

This one was for a guy who works at the Chevy dealership and is leaving to take over a Toyota dealership.

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