Thursday, October 20, 2011

Fireman's Day

Waiting for the parade to start at the station

Christopher decided that he did NOT need his mommy to ride with him this year :(

So Robert rode the back of the truck Christopher was on, instead of driving a truck this year

Hailey was making all kinds of crazy faces at the sirens and people throwing candy(she loved that part!)

Sewing right along :)

Fireman's Day was a couple weeks ago and I asked Robert to get Hailey a shirt, because I thought she was going to ride the fire truck this year. Of course he brings home a child's small, and it is to her feet! Sooo, I headed to my mom's while she was at work and set to work transforming this huge t-shirt into a dress, and it actually worked! I was very pleased with myself :)


And after...