Thursday, June 30, 2011

Freezer Meals

Several weeks ago I read a blog, A Turtle's Life for Me, about pre-making and freezing the main part of or even entire meals for her family. So, I was inspired! I didn't do anywhere near the volume that she did, because I didn't get the crazy good prices on meat that she did in her post but I did start. And I plan to make a full batch of stuffed shells this week to freeze into 2 containers for separate dinners. And I think I will definitely try to keep this up and slowly stock my freezer up w/ lots of ready meals.

I roasted 2 whole chickens and 7 potatoes

Once the potatoes were cool enough to handle I scraped them out loaded the insides w/ sour cream, butter, s&p, cheese, and a little milk, smashed it all up and made twice baked potatoes. These came out really good, we have eaten them twice since I frozen them and they were perfect. It is a great side and this way there is no mess to clean up!

I ended up w/ 5 bags of chicken to use in recipes and 14 twice baked potato halves


Obviously I have been MIA for awhile, not really sure why, just been in a funk and can't seem to find the motivation to do much of anything. But I have been taking lots of pics to post so I will try to condense them all down to just a few post, starting with mail round ups. These are no longer in the correct order and I had a week or so w/ nothing and then combined 2 weeks so basically the past months goodies :)

*The oreos, cake mix, cupcake liners, and recipe cards are from giveaway on another blog "Wayward Girls Crafts", sorry ladies I have no idea how to link to you, but thanks for the goodies!! :)

This stuff was actually from the "Got to be NC Festival" at the end of May. This year was the first time I have been, even though I have always lived here, needless to say I will definately be going back next year! We had a great time, there was a petting zoo, pony rides, play area for the kids, rides, the expo center was slam full of NC based companies, almost all of which were giving out samples and or coupons! The pony rides, animal food, ride tickets, and entry into the Expo center($2 per adult, kids free) did cost $ but it was still a great cheap day! The only thing we paid for was the pickles, lg bag of biscuit mix, and the freeze pops :)

Here are a few more pics from the day: