Sunday, February 27, 2011

Great finds at Target!

First, let me start with saying I am soo glad I got one of these P&G Coupon books!

It says $110 in savings, and I may save close to that with it! So far my total is $37 and I have only had it for just over a week and there are lots more coupons to use! :) I will definately be keeping my eye out for offers for this book again!

Now, on to Target. After getting so much for free or almost free at HT last week I got to thinking what else could I maybe get super cheap or free with this book?? The greatst thing about this book, other than I didn't have to spend any $$ to get it and it is chalk full of savings, is there is no restrictions on almost all the coupons!! NO size or amount requirements! Which means....they are good on the smallest items, including TRAVEL size which most are under $1! And almost all the coupons are $1 off the product, which means free products! :) So I hit up Target's Travel section the other day and it was success, plus they had large bottles of Pantene marked down to $1.98 each, which were one of the items I had coupons for so they ended up only being .98 each :)

I ended up with:
2 large Pantene(1 shampoo, 1 conditioner)
1 2-pk travel size panetene
3 single use Tide(great for travel!)
3 travel size Head and Shoulders
1 travel size Herbal Ess.
2 travel size Secret deoderant

All for $2.72! That is less than one of the lg Pantene usually are! I was pretty happy with myself for thinking to look in the travel section. I am going to try to hit Wal-mart tomorrow to see if they have some of the things in their travel section that Target didn't have, different brands of lotion and body washes...

Hope everyone is having a great weekend! It is beautiful and sunny here :)

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Feeling the love for HT :)

SO this past week HT had Super Doubles, when they double coupons up to $1.98, I don't always shop this sale but I am glad I did this time around. Before I get to my purchases let me just mention a couple weeks ago I signed up on P&G's FB page to receive a coupon book and conveniently it came in the middle of this promotion and most of the coupons where $1 off of any size of different products, which all doubled to $2 off! Anyways, on to the goodies.

Trip 1:

This trip included:
2 boxes Hefty one zip bags-$1 total
1 small Dawn dish liquid-free
1 lg Gain dish liquid-free
3 wishbone dressings-free
1 bag dried pineapples-free
1 old spice deodorant-free
1 secret deodorant-.49
1 always maxi pads-$.99
1 oral-b toothbrush-free
2 Herbal esse-$1 total
2 bags rhodes dinner rolls-.50 total
1 Pillsbury french bread-.69
2 philly cooking creams-free

My total ended up being $5.82 and my savings were $50.87!!

Trip 2:

This trip I was alittle disappointed I actually went to 2 HT in search of the rhodes rolls and toothbrushes and both were sold out, but I did pick up a few things at the first store I stopped at. This trip included:
2 Dawn dish liquid-free
2 Gain dish liquid-free
2 old spice deodorant-free
2 snickers peanut butter bars-.89 total (these were pretty good, I'll buy them again but I still prefer the almond ones better)

Total= $1.42 and savings was $14.23 :)

Overall it was a pretty successful sale, and I know have close to a year's worth of dish soap for free, since I still had 2 full bottles from the last time I got it free :)

Not good and Not Bad

So I am waaaayyyy behind on my blogging again, I just can't seem to shake this funk and stay in a good rhythm. I attempted to concoct a new chicken a dish and it just didn't turn out how I envisioned it. But I must say I did try to rush it and that probably didn't help the situation. I made a ricotta and herb stuffed chicken, but the edge didn't seal the way I thought it would when I was searing it and most of the cheese filling oozed out and it took longer than I thought it would to cook through so I ended up putting it in the microwave to cook it faster which of course dried it out! UGGG, like I said I was rushing and it just didn't come together the way I thought it would. I made broiled asparagus w/ olive oil, lemon zest, and mozzarella cheese and roasted cherry tomatoes which were very good, but not hard at all.

The other was Pork Tenderloin medallions w/ Marsala sauce & pasta. This one was pretty good, but next time I think I will double the amount of sauce, that was really the only complaint we had about it. This one was another RR from the Look and Cook cookbook.