Monday, March 29, 2010

Ugg, I have been super slack w/ posting!

So this past Friday, the 26th, was the last day of the weight loss challenge I have been doing. So everyone had to go be weighed, and I was pleasantly surprised to find that in the past 10 weeks somehow my scale has gotten knocked off balance! I went in thinking that I had lost 12-13 lbs but when they weighed me it was actually 19 lbs!! I am super excited about the loss, but can't tell it in most of my clothes yet which makes it hard to keep it up but I am going to try to keep losing. Hopefully in another 5lbs I will actually be able to feel it.

In other news, I have been taking cake decorating class this month at Micheal's. I am loving it and so far it is coming pretty naturally for me. This week is the last week for class one and next week I will start class 2. I am hoping that I continue to excel and can maybe start making cakes to make some money on the side just to help pay off some debit we have. One of my goals for the year is to pay off both of our credit cards and Robert's truck. But we are also hoping to buy a house in the next couple months so I am not sure if I will actually get both cards paid off. I have already been asked to make a few cakes for people so one of my projects for this week is to research cake prices at bakeries to get a feel of what I can charge to get people to order from me, but still make a little profit. But to actually make this a business I am going to have to jump through some hoops, because I have to have the health dept come out and inspect my kitchen and do a few other things. So for now I am going to not advertise and use friends and family as genie pigs. :)

On a side note, if anyone knows anyone looking to move to our area we need to sell our trailer!! We are looking for someone to assume the loan. Not trying to make any money off of it, just need to get out of it. The washer/dryer will stay. Buyer would be able to move in here or move it if they prefer.

Well, I guess that is most of what has been happening in my world. Have a great day! And I am going to try to get better about posting more regularly :)

Monday, March 15, 2010

Back in the saddle...

So today was weigh day...I lost 1 lb, sad but better than a gain! It was overcast but soo nice out today. The kids and I went to the museum and walked the trails. I didn't notice if it actually said anywhere how long each one is but we spent not quite 3 hrs walking around so I would say it was at least 2 miles total. Not much else going on today, hope everyone had a good day!

1/2 pack peanut butter cracker
Chick-fil-a sandwich w/ extra pickle and hot sauce
med fry
med diet lemonade
baked sweet potatoe w/ butter and brown sugar
peppercorn marinaded pork loin

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Bad weather, Vacation, and sickness...

these are my excuses. We had like a week of cold wet weather, where we didn't really get out of the house all week. Then me and the hubby had our kid-free cruise! We had a great time, but I gained 5 lbs back!! :( This week since we have been home, I have had a horrible cough that I can't seem to shake, Christopher and Robert have both had a terrible horrible stomach bug, so not much got done this week either. Tomorrow is weigh day and I will start back eating and excerising again! Me and the kids did get out today and walked to my dad's and dollar general.
I post again tomorrow :)