Saturday, May 14, 2011

Zoo cake!

I have been looking forward to making this cake for a couple months now, since the mom ordered it almost 3 months ago and the day finally came! It came out super cute and they loved it too :) It is a white cake with vanilla butter cream and fondant details. The animal bodies are brownies covered in fondant, with solid fondant heads.

Weekly mail roundup

Very late this week, but oh well.
The coupons are dupilcates from a week or two ago that I also sent to my Dad's and he brought to me this week. Yay for double the free product coupons! :)

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

6 more things knocked out!

Over the last 5 weeks I have been working on several "things" from my Day Zero list, and I am happy to say I just checked 6 more things off as DONE!

-Cook 30 different dinners in 30 nights-The 30 meals in 30 nights wasn't as bad as I thought, but it would have been easier if I had actually assigned a meal to each night. I just made a list of 30 dinners, bought almost everything I needed and then just picked something each day. Towards the end it was kinda uggg, cause of course I cooked all the faves at the beginning and then didn't really want what was left on the list. But I did it.

-Give up fast food for a month-The fast food I realized almost 2 weeks into the month of April I hadn't had any, so I decided this should be the month for that too, which was probably good, cause then I wasn't tempted to cheat and get McD's or something any nights.

-participate in a Charity walk/runThe walk is something I have wanted to do for a while and just never actually done. I had the oppertunity to walk in the March for Dimes w/ a friend from high school. Her daughter was a premmie and had to stay in the hosptial longer than normal so we walked in honor of her, which just made it that much better. Plus I hadn't actually seen Hannah since we graduted from high school 9 years ago!-
Me w/ Hannah and Kathryn at the walk, hadn't seen either of them since high school

Sweet little Emmrie

-plant a garden- My Dad helped me plant my garden at the beginning of April, it proved slightly more complicated than we expected, apparently we have a natural spring or something in our yard where I decided to plant so it was a huge mud pit after we tilled the area, but it is looking good now and hopefully watering won't be an issue :)

-save $100 in one shopping trip-The $100 in one trip I already posted, so exciting!

-color Easter eggs-And how sad it is the this is the first time I have died Easter eggs with Christopher-super slack Mommy here! But the kids both had a great time doing it this year and now they keep asking to do it again...

Some of these were bigger than others, but I feel very proud of myself for completing them all and all in the same month! Just wish I had managed to loss the 20 lbs I want to lose too, between walking the 5K and no fast food, oh well, just have to work harder on that! Happy Hump Day!

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Weekly Mail roundup

This weeks round up:
1 reusable to-go coffee cup
-inside the coffee cup was:
2 Coupons for FREE breve Creme coffee creamer
5 55 cents off 1 Breve Creme coffee creamer coupons
sample of Eucerin lotion w/ $1 off coupon
1 FREE coupons for Uncle Ben's ready rice
1 75 cent off coupon for Uncle Ben's ready rice
1 coupon for a FREE full size Suave Professionals product